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UEFA ‘exploring punishments’ for Super League rebels as desire for retribution remains – reports

The punishment has already been to their reputation."— Dermot Corrigan (@dermotmcorrigan) April 22, 2021

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‘He sounds unhinged’: Real Madrid boss Perez says Super League ISN’T dead in ‘bizarre’ interview suggesting conspiracy killed plan On Sunday, the football world was turned on his head when the group of continental giants revealed joint plans to form their own competition, in a move that could have spelled the end of the Champions League.Yet amid widespread backlash, the majority of the the outfits have already backed out.But even though the ESL looks as though it will never get off the ground, punishments are allegedly being studied for its founders, according to a report by The Guardian.Understand that Uefa is now considering imposing sanctions on the 12 clubs involved in the failed attempt to establish a breakaway European Super League. The punishment has already been [done] to their reputation.”Tebas asked what punishments for Super League clubs "We do not talk about punishments. Doubt they’ll suffer much pain,” wrote reporter Tariq Panja on Twitter.”What are they going to do? Feeling is they used commercially sensitive information gleaned from PL to advance efforts to secure Super League.— tariq panja (@tariqpanja) April 22, 2021″Fourteen other Premier League teams remain furious and moves are being made to kick all Big Six reps off internal PL committees,” it was added.”[And the] feeling is they used commercially sensitive information gleaned from the Premier League to advance efforts to secure [the] Super League.”Over in Spain, where its two biggest clubs are yet to formally admit defeat, La Liga supremo Javier Tebas held a Zoom meeting with leaders of the top flight’s clubs.When asked about what action he will take against the pair and Atletico Madrid however, Tebas answered: “We do not talk about punishments. Follow RT on

UEFA is still considering imposing sanctions on the 12 rebel clubs that attempted to breakaway in a European Super League, according to reports. Or Roman [Abramovich, who] hasn’t set foot in England for 2 years from watching Champions League games at Stamford Bridge?,” he asked.Panja additionally revealed that Premier League chiefs are “also looking into sanctions against the Big Six and statute changes to prevent its clubs from being able to do something like this again, including rules to ensure teams cannot leave during a commercial term”.14 other Premier League teams remain furious and moves are being made to kick all Big 6 reps off internal PL committees. Story soon @guardian_sport— Ed Aarons (@ed_aarons) April 22, 2021The British newspaper says it understands there is a growing desire to come down on the renegade clubs, and what type of discipline will be meted out is being explored.Some have suggested potential bans from participating in next season’s Champions League, and the Breakaway 12, as they have been described, may be impacted by 2024 changes to the competition’s new format if a proposal to designate places based on past performances is eliminated.Yet while UEFA head Aleksander Ceferin has threatened that the group will “suffer the consequences” for “their mistake”, others have poured doubt on them receiving little more than a slap on the wrists.What to do with them is the tricky bit.— Graham Dunbar (@gdunbarap) April 22, 2021″Don’t hold your breath for something severe, after all the only thing they did was try to blow up the century old European football settlement. Ban the absentee Glazers from watching games at Old Trafford? How to do it is easy.

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‘Not a Russian anymore’: Hockey coach claims New York Rangers star Panarin doesn’t deserve place on national team

He is not an American yet, but definitely not Russian anymore,” Plushev said.Last night, the Rangers suffered a crushing 6-1 loss to the New York Islanders, damaging their playoff hopes, as all the teams ahead of them won. Follow RT on

Russian hockey coach Vladimir Plushev has hit out at New York Rangers star Artemi Panarin, saying he doesn’t deserve to be on the national squad at major events. And what is more important, they should adhere to their principles. Also on
Russian NHL star Artemi Panarin and his wife robbed during vacation in Mexico

Nazarov claimed the player was detained by police, but a bribe amounting to $48,000 got him off, following a criminal case and trial.Panarin denied the allegations, calling them a “fabricated story” after he publicly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and issued his support for opposition figure Alexey Navalny.  Also on
‘Support him’: NHL star Artemi Panarin’s model wife reacts after ex-coach’s allegation that he ‘punched 18yo woman to hotel floor’

The defeat, however, gave hope to Russian fans who want to see Panarin play for the national team, though his chances remain in doubt after becoming embroiled in the abuse scandal.The star winger was accused of beating up an 18-year-old woman while at a bar in his home country in 2011.The allegations brought against him were from Andrei Nazarov, who coached Panarin in the Kontinental Hockey League. I think Panarin’s brain is a bag full of cats. The comments were made after it was confirmed that the forward will not join the national team at the 2021 World Championship in Riga, following abuse allegations brought against him.READ MORE: Row over Russian ice hockey captain who was denied US visa in ‘breach of international laws’ finally ends days before competitionPlushev, who led Russia’s junior teams to three world titles, blasted Panarin, who he thinks “doesn’t respect his country.”“Only people who respect and appreciate their home country should be invited to the national team.

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LA Dodgers unveil ‘fully vaccinated fan section’ – but supporters still have to wear masks

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The LA Dodgers have announced there will be a special section for vaccinated fans for their game against the San Diego Padres on Saturday, although anyone in attendance hoping for a return to full freedoms will be disappointed. Also on
‘I’m fighting for freedom’: Wife of Buffalo Bills star fumes over ‘no vaccine, no entry’ plans for next season The Dodger Stadium will have a special section for vaccinated fans. If you’re fully vaccinated why does it matter where you sit?” asked another.”A new era of segregation, great,” read one sarcastic comment. But u still have to wear your mask in that section… © USA Today Sport Social distancing won’t be required in the section, although vaccinated fans will still not be granted the full freedoms of old and will be required to wear a face covering unless eating or drinking in their seats.If deemed successful, the Dodgers could add sections for vaccinated fans at other games.The Padres have previously announced similar measures at their home games, as have the San Francisco Giants.In total, the Dodgers are currently allowing around 15,000 fans to attend games at their 56,000-seater home stadium.   The reaction from fans to the news was mixed, with some claiming mask measures remaining in place put a dampener on the whole thing.“If everyone has to wear a mask why does it even matter?” wrote one. Get real.”“It’s unbelievable. “This is discrimination. 🤦🏻‍♀️— Vannia Venustas (@EvilVee) April 22, 2021As of April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that anyone who has been fully vaccinated “should still take steps to protect yourself and others in many situations, like wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.”

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‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH’: Fauci rescued from grilling over Covid-19 restrictions & civil liberties as Maxine Waters scolds GOP colleague

So-called vaccine passports have become a divisive issue in sport, as in broader society.Some have argued their introduction will create a ‘two-tier’ society and strip away civil liberties, although their defenders claim they are necessary to help a return to something resembling normal life.California health officials have said they will not introduce vaccine passports, but the state has nonetheless incentivized businesses to demand proof from ticket holders at events that they are vaccinated or Covid negative.Over in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills recently suggested fans would be barred from attending the team’s home games unless they’ve been given the Covid-19 vaccine, prompting a backlash. 😒— Rush 👳🏽‍♀️ (@djrush) April 21, 2021A new era of segregation. Great! “Additional seats are now available in our Loge level’s fully vaccinated fan section for Saturday’s game against the Padres!” the Dodgers announced on their website this week. “The fully vaccinated fan section allows for more flexible seating options while maintaining safety within the fan zone and throughout the stadium.”  Laying out the rules, the reigning World Series champions said anyone would be eligible for a ticket who has had their final vaccine dose at least two weeks ago, while children between the ages of two and 15 would need proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of admission.Youngsters under the age of two will not require any such proof. You can’t expect fans to be ok with this.

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North Dakota governor risks wrath of Trump and right after vetoing transgender kids sports bill

“Bye-bye Asa, that’s the end of him!”REPORT: Former President Donald Trump Issues Statement On #Arkansas Governor @AsaHutchinson Vetoing HB1570, “Asa Hutchinson, the lightweight RINO Governor of Arkansas just vetoed a Bill that banned CHEMICAL CASTRATION OF CHILDREN. Burgum has vetoed #HB1298, allowing trans kids to continue participating in sports according to their gender identity.Trans kids belong in sports. SO many amazing advocates have worked so hard to make this happen. ‘Bye-bye Asa,’ that’s the end of him!”— John Basham 🇺🇲 (@JohnBasham) April 8, 2021 Trans kids belong everywhere. This is such beautiful news for trans kids across the state.— Maddie Biertempfel (@mbiertempfel) April 22, 2021Republican Bergum said that the bill “would unnecessarily inject the state into a local issue by creating a ban with myriad unforeseen consequences” in a veto message, with members of his own party such as the vilified Kathy Skroch a known supporter of it.”We need to keep women on an even playing field,” she had said previously in a debate on the matter, while noting differences between the sexes in height, weight, heart size and lung capacity.”There is a reason why there is separation of boys and girls sports,” she added.BREAKING: North Dakota Gov. #NDleg— Libby Skarin (@LibbySkarin) April 22, 2021Though it is still early in the day for Burgum to receive backlash, it won’t be too far away considering attacks that Governor Noem, also a Republican, was subjected to from the right over in South Dakota when carrying out a similar reversal.Down in Arkansas, her counterpart Asa Hutchinson even ended up in a war of words with former President Donald Trump when scrapping a transgender bill earlier this month.”Asa Hutchinson, the lightweight RINO Governor of Arkansas, just vetoed a Bill that banned the CHEMICAL CASTRATION OF CHILDREN,” Trump said as part of a statement. Doug Burgum has officially vetoed HB 1298, which restricts transgender girls’ participation on public school sports teams, and HB 1323, which prohibits statewide mask mandates. #LetKidsPlay— Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) April 22, 2021But those in support of what Bergum has done were quick to sing his praises. “It was obvious from the beginning that this discriminatory legislation was about creating solutions to problems that don’t exist and, in the process, harming some of the most vulnerable people in our state,” said ACLU of North Dakota Campaigns Director Libby Skarin. “This is such beautiful news for trans kids across the state,” she concluded. I am just stunned that ND Gov. Follow RT on

Authorities in North Dakota have vetoed a bill that aimed to ban transgender athletes from participating in girls’ sports, risking a backlash from the right. The move, which was finalized on Wednesday, echoes a similar motion made earlier this year by Governor Kristi Noem in neighboring South Dakota.Her North Dakota counterpart Doug Burgum pulled the trigger on the proposal this time around, after it had originally passed overwhelmingly in the state’s House.READ MORE: Arkansas Governor signs bill banning biological males from girls’ sports amid criticism of it being ‘cruel’ & ‘illegal’In the state Senate, though, the margin was much slimmer – which led analysts to suggest that the measure is likely finished as both houses would have to pass a veto override to overturn Bergum’s action. Gov. Burgum vetoed HB 1298.

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Ex-baseball star says LeBron ‘may want to move to China’ in expletive-laden tirade over NBA icon’s police-shooting tweet

I’d bet if that was your son about to get stabbed you’d be singing a different tune you piece of shit!You’re a huge reason the @NBA is down 80% in viewership within the last year. Follow RT on

NBA legend LeBron James has been savaged online by ex-baseball player Aubrey Huff, who suggested that the LA Lakers star “may want to move to China” after his controversial tweet about a US police shooting. 🖕🏼— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) April 21, 2021″Hey King James, go f*ck yourself for doxing a police officer for just doing his job,” started the first, which has been ‘liked’ by over 21,000 like-minded individuals.”I’d bet if that was your son about to get stabbed you’d be singing a different tune you piece of sh*t!” “You’re a huge reason the NBA is down 80% in viewership within the last year,” he claimed..@KingJames loves his private security. It’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism.— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) April 22, 2021Signing off by poking fun at himself too, Huff suggested that his jersey “just may be more popular than a King James jersey at this point in time.””But that ain’t saying much,” he joked, dryly. [And] I took the tweet down because it’s being used to create more hate”This isn’t about one officer. May want to move to China fuck stick!— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) April 22, 2021Why is it when @KingJames is reading a book he’s always on the first page? I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY,” he concluded.— Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) April 22, 2021Attempting to draw attention to LeBron’s hypocrisy in employing a team of private security, Huff insisted that his legacy would become “irrelevant to most all Americans”.”May want to move to China f*ck stick!,” he advised him.Digs at LeBron’s intellect were also the order of the day, while Huff questioned Twitter’s creator why James’ name supposedly wasn’t trending but Brett Favre’s was instead, following the Derek Chauvin-related fallout. Today is the day when @KingJames legacy will be irrelevant to most all Americans. Also on
LeBron James says he deleted veiled threat against officer in Bryant shooting because he doesn’t want to create ‘more hate’

But taking the original demands off the internet and offering an explanation weren’t enough to calm the angry mob, and James has even been attacked by other professional athletes for the outburst.The now-retired Huff, a two-time World Series champion formerly of the San Francisco Giants, went on a rampage in scathing at Lebron through a barrage of tweets.WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE Hey @KingJames go fuck yourself for doxing a police officer for just doing his job. The abuse comes as part of backlash to a now-deleted tweet James sent out on Wednesday night.”YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY,” James wrote next to an hourglass emoji, to caption a photo of Nicholas Reardon, the Columbus Police Department officer who fatally shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant while responding to a 911 call.Video from Reardon’s body camera showed the black teen swinging a knife at a woman before he opened fire. you’re the one creating more hate in this situation, clown— Logan Hall (@loganclarkhall) April 21, 2021LeBron later wiped his incendiary tweet, attempting to explain himself by saying: “I’m so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by police.

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Russia legend Arshavin to RT: St. Petersburg ‘ready to host more matches at Euros’ as UEFA set to reallocate games (VIDEO)

Well done to Zenit for organizing that. Petersburg have even suggested that fans visiting matches at Euro 2020 in the city could also be able to get a Covid jab. 

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Russia could offer Covid vaccine to foreign fans at Euro 2020 games in St. A decision is also still pending on Munich.  The hopes were that the competition could retain its pan-continental format for a unique edition of the event. However, Bilbao already looks to have been dropped after the Spanish city failed to guarantee capacities of at least 25% at San Mames Stadium. That can change in 50 days, but only for the better.“I think matches with fans in a beautiful city like this means St. “The more people are vaccinated, the lower the chance of spreading the virus. So I think that’s another advantage for our country and city for hosting more matches.” Organizers in St. Petersburg was already due to hold three group matches and one quarter-final at the 68,000-seater Krestovsky Stadium home of Russian Premier League champions Zenit.The venue, which also hosted matches at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, will likely now benefit from even more games. 
Russia will host Euro 2020 matches in St. Follow RT on

Former Arsenal and Russia star Andrey Arshavin says his hometown St. Petersburg will be granted the right to host three more [group] matches – those which should have taken place in Dublin,” said Match TV commentator Nobel Arustamyan said.”My sources have confirmed this information. Petersburg – city official

Euro 2020 was postponed from last year and will be held between June 11 and July 11 this summer. It was ready a year ago, and even more so is ready now,” Arshavin told RT Sport on the sidelines of an event on Thursday at the Krestovsky Stadium to mark 50 days to go until the tournament begins.  “I don’t think extra matches will bring any extra difficulties to organize.”Plus one of our advantages is that there’s almost a 100% guarantee that we can have 50% capacity. © Sputnik Local football hero Andrey Arshavin, who won 75 caps for his country and famously starred in Russia’s run to the semi-finals at Euro 2008, said the city is more than ready to take on the extra load. “As I see it and understand, our city has been ready for the Euros for a long time. Russia’s Euro 2020 Organizing Committee is ready for UEFA’s decision.”

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Dublin Euro 2020 games thrown into doubt after Irish FA refuses to commit on crowd numbers

Russia’s Euro 2020 Organizing Committee said the stadium in St. © Sputnik
Euro 2020 matches in Russia will allow at least 50% fan capacity. Petersburg will be filled to 50% capacity – the joint highest number of any of the 12 host cities, and a figure which could even be increased closer to the tournament, should the conditions allow.St. Petersburg can use this advantage to host more games.”During the pandemic, Russian champions Zenit have won praise far and wide for their scheme to offer football fans the Covid vaccine before home matches – a measure which Arshavin praised. The #SputnikV vaccination programme is well underway here at the Gazprom ArenaWe'll be offering free vaccinations to supporters at everyone of our home games for the rest of this season! Petersburg, on the whole you won’t find any major differences with life before the pandemic,” said the 39-year-old former Arsenal ace. 
Wing wizard Arshavin was Russia’s biggest star at Euro 2008.— FC Zenit in English✨ (@fczenit_en) March 13, 2021He also pointed out that unlike some other parts of Europe, Russia was not in a state of lockdown.“Speaking to my friends and people I know in Europe, or who have just come back from Europe, if we look at the rhythm of life in Moscow and St. UEFA is reportedly planning to relocate matches at this summer’s championships after the Irish capital was unable to give assurances over fan numbers.Several Russian sports outlets have reported that St. © Reuters “In Russia, life is practically returning [to normal], part of that is connected to the vaccine. Petersburg will be more than ready to step in and host more matches at Euro 2020, with UEFA potentially set to relocate games to the city from Dublin. Petersburg will be one of the beneficiaries, citing sources familiar with the situation.READ MORE: UEFA ‘exploring punishments’ for Super League rebels as desire for retribution remains – reportsDublin was set to host three group-stage matches involving Poland, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as one quarter-final, but the hosting rights were at risk of being axed if they could not guarantee a limited number of spectators.Earlier this month, the Irish FA notified UEFA that it couldn’t provide assurances on a minimum 25% of spectator capacity, but was given an extended deadline to asses the situation. Petersburg. That time now appears to be up, however. “On Friday UEFA will announce its decision that St.

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Russia icon Arshavin admits he ‘doesn’t even remember’ anniversary of iconic four-goal haul for Arsenal at Anfield (VIDEO)

Also, look how fast he's running on that counter attack to score his fourth in the NINETIETH minute. Arshavin scored four as he ripped Liverpool to shreds. Wing wizard Arshavin was one of Russia’s biggest stars at Euro 2008. Petersburg, which will host at least four matches at Euro 2020 and possibly even more with the news that UEFA is set to reallocate games from Dublin.“As I see it and understand, our city has been ready for the Euros for a long time. © Reuters He added: “If I don’t think about it, it doesn’t really bring back any emotions.”Maybe if I go back to Anfield and stand on the pitch sometime, then I could say something.“But yesterday I was calm. Follow RT on

Ex-Arsenal and Russia star Andrey Arshavin has revealed he would have forgotten about the date of his career-high club football achievement were it not for social media. © Reuters That spectacular form helped catch Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s eye and cement a move to North London around six months later. This time around, the 39-year-old is banging the drum for home city St. Football fans checking their Twitter timelines on Wednesday may have been treated to a reminder that it was 12 years to the day since Arshavin smashed four goals for Arsene Wenger’s men at Anfield.The man himself, however, was none the wiser.Russian wing wizard Arshavin struck an incredible four times as the Gunners played out a pulsating 4-4 draw with Liverpool in their Premier League meeting on April 21, 2009.As the Reds finished four points behind bitter rivals and champions Manchester United in that season’s title race, the loss of the points proved costly for a strong outfit then led by the likes of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.#OnThisDay in 2009, Andrey Arshavin went turbo against Liverpool at Anfield. Bloody— MUNDIAL (@MundialMag) April 21, 2021You're welcome— FC Zenit in English✨ (@fczenit_en) April 21, 2021It is a clash which was instantly etched into English footballing folklore and has been heralded as among the greatest ever played in the Premiership, with Arshavin’s rout likewise regarded one of the finest individual displays the world’s most-watched top flight has ever produced.Despite numerous fan accounts picking up on the anniversary of the remarkable feat, Arshavin himself modestly admitted that it’s not a date he has marked down in his calendar.“To be honest, if it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have remembered that it was 12 years ago,” Arshavin told RT Sport at Zenit St. It was ready a year ago, and even more so is ready now,” Arshavin told RT Sport.“I don’t think extra matches will bring any extra difficulties to organize.“Plus one of our advantages is that there’s almost a 100% guarantee that we can have 50% capacity. That can change in 50 days, but only for the better.“I think matches with fans in a beautiful city like this means St. Petersburg’s Gazprom Arena on Thursday, at an event to mark 50 days to go until Euro 2020 kicks off. Petersburg can use this advantage to host more matches.”As for Russia’s chances, Arshavin said he was hopeful they would at least get out of a tricky group containing Denmark, Finland and world number one-ranked team Belgium.  As I said, I wouldn’t even have known about it if it wasn’t for social media.”Those heroics were in the past for Arshavin, bit one event rapidly approaching is this summer’s European Championships – a tournament he also knows well, having starred in Russia’s remarkable run to the semi-finals in 2008.

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Not Paul over: Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul ‘rebooked for June 5’ – as fans still claim fight ‘is utter stupidity’

  Although an official boxing contest, Mayweather’s showdown with Irish MMA megastar Conor McGregor in the summer of 2017 arguably falls into the same category. Just floyd desperate to keep his name alive— Phillip (@heisthekingfil) April 22, 2021lol. Follow RT on

Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul appears to be back on, with tentative plans in place for the boxing icon to face the YouTube celebrity on June 5, according to reports. Also on
‘They both suck’: Jake Paul destroys ex-UFC star Ben Askren on widely-mocked ‘wild day for boxing’ featuring Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

According to The Athletic, an exhibition bout is “tentatively” being planned for June 5 at an as-yet unnamed location.“The exhibition will be carried by Showtime PPV and is planned for June 5. It’s not happening.  On paper it is hopeless mismatch, with Paul, 26, losing his only official venture into the ring when he was defeated by split decision against British fellow YouTuber KSI in November of 2019.  View this post on InstagramA post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul)Mayweather, 44, boasts a 50-0 record and is estimated to have amassed career earnings of more than $1 billion.  Speaking in March, Mayweather suggested he and Paul were in line to net more than $100 million for their showdown. “Look up how many followers Logan Paul has on social media,” Mayweather said of his rival, who has a following of 19 million on Instagram and 22.9 million subscribers on YouTube. “Me and Logan Paul or a YouTuber can go out and make nine figures.” 

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Floyd Mayweather ‘to work with Anthony Joshua’ ahead of Tyson Fury fight – and claims he’ll make $100 MILLION from Logan Paul bout Former five-weight world champion Mayweather and boxing novice Paul were originally slated to meet in February, although the bout fell through amid reports of a lack of interest and difficulties getting a deal over the line.But in the wake of Logan Paul’s brother Jake purportedly racking up more than 1 million pay-per-views for his KO victory against former MMA fighter Ben Askren last weekend, interest seems to have been rekindled in Mayweather stepping into the ring with the elder of the Paul siblings. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather)His fight with Paul – should it come to fruition – will further test the appetite for celebrity contests, potentially opening the floodgates for more such events if it trumps the Lopez-Kambosos showdown. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul) View this post on InstagramA post shared by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather)Intriguingly, that date would place the contest in direct competition with the lightweight world title fight between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos, which is set for Miami and is being hosted by US entertainment platform Triller.Triller won the purse bid for that fight with a staggering bid in excess of $6 million. 6 weeks away and no venue. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Teofimo Lopez (@teofimolopez)Should Mayweather and Paul meet on the same day, the new fad for celebrity exhibition bouts would be tested against a genuine boxing blockbuster.Fans were split on the idea, with some claiming the star power of undefeated ring legend Mayweather would carry the day.If this ends up actually falling under the same date, there's some ppl who are going to learn a valuable lesson on how big the Mayweather name still is.— Jay Chaudhry (@producer_jayc) April 22, 2021Rip to the Teofimo Lopez ppv on the same night— EL Oscarin (@El_Oscarin_2020) April 22, 2021Others, though, claimed the bout was “utter stupidity” and symptomatic of the “farcical state” that boxing was descending into.     Why is no one talking about the utter stupidly of this, and the farcical state that boxing is descing into?— Phil Lewis (@PhilLew97274836) April 22, 2021The fight already fell thru once cause no one gave a shit, people still don’t.If fights in US they’d have to wear headgear and still may not even be allowed.Lots of hurdles still. Then Lopez will be the A side versus tank Davis 🤷‍♂️— ON THE THRONE (@1boxingking1) April 22, 2021Mayweather appears to have teased potential locations for his fight in recent days, suggesting on Instagram this week that five cities were under consideration as hosts: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta.Mayweather, 44, has continued to pursue a lucrative sideline in exhibition bouts, having seen off Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve 2018, pocketing a reported $9 million for less than one round’s world. Mayweather can’t weigh more than 160 pounds; Paul 190,” wrote reporter Mike Coppinger. When has Floyd Mayweather weighed 160lbs for a fight ever, to then require a weight restriction that would STILL have him 30lbs smaller than Paul?Makes no sense— Igwe Ugo (@igwejimmiri) April 22, 2021There were also suggestions that Mayweather was attempting to steal Lopez’s thunder, with Mayweather protegee Gervonta Davis a potential challenger to the young American star further down the line. Mayweather don’t want teofimo Lopez to have them big numbers.

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‘Canelo’s never faced a Fighting Gypsy’: Fury backs ‘different breed’ Saunders ahead of blockbuster Alvarez clash

The 168lb WBO king will attempt to pull off Mission Impossible on May 8, by topping the Mexican on Cinco de Mayo weekend in front of a capacity crowd at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas.And as Fury also prepares for a career-defining showdown with Anthony Joshua in Las Vegas, he took to social media to get behind a fellow Brit he has known well since their days on the amateur circuit. Also on
Boxing superstar Canelo to face British loudmouth Saunders in front of 100,000 – the biggest crowd since the Covid pandemic began I’m expecting a late stoppage from Canelo.— Calv 🦁 (@mr_calv) April 22, 2021″It is great that you believe in your friend, but does he really believe in himself? Against one of the best pressure fighters around at the moment, against someone who also has the ability to box as well as KO you?,” it was asked.”I’m expecting a late stoppage from Canelo.”Can BJS box perfectly for 12 rounds? Follow RT on

World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has supported close friend Billy Joe Saunders ahead of his super-middleweight title unifier with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Tyson Fury (@gypsyking101)Tagging Saunders in a caption to a photo of the pair in top shape on a set of exercise bikes, Fury insisted that the 31-year-old is “100% mentally in the right place”.”He knows what he has to do and he will do it, he will rise up top and claim greatness,” Fury went on.”I was wrote [sic] off many times in the past and have always come through, WE are cut from the same cloth, [the] same breed of animals,” he said, in reference to their shared Traveller heritage.”Canelo has fought them all but never a Fighting Gypsy, we are a different breed of animal to anything he has come across before,” Fury signed off, along with the hashtag #YESHEWILL, a ‘100’ emoji, and the phrase “global domination with the help of God”.Billy Joe Saunders— Boxism (@BoxismUK) April 22, 2021Fans were divided on the prediction, with one noting that Fury was “repeating everything I’ve said about BJS.”  “People are stupid to write him off so easily,” it was added.”Billy Joe is the best fighter at his weight [and] now is the time to prove it,” pointed out another.The general consensus, though, is that Saunders is in too deep.”Can BJS box perfectly for 12 rounds? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that he is unlikely to ever get again, not many people believe he can do it,” came one reply to Fury.”Then when Canelo knocks him out you’ll say he was under prepared and that he wasn’t in the right mental place…,” predicted another naysayer. Against one of the best pressure fighters around atm against someone who also has the ability to box as well as KO you?

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Podium protests BANNED at Tokyo & Beijing Olympics ‘to protect athletes from political interference & exploitation’

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Athletics Association vows to reform Olympic protest rule, claims it is ‘basic human right’ for athletes to take a knee

The rule has come under fire from social rights advocates, who have called on the IOC to change its restrictions regarding protests and demonstrations. You responded. We listened. 🤝Following extensive consultation with various groups, the IOC AC Athlete Expression Consultation Report has outlined 6️⃣ recommendations.See the recommendations here. 👇Learn more 👉— Athlete365 (@Athlete365) April 21, 2021“The political neutrality of the Olympic Games is a way to protect athletes from political interference or exploitation,” the body said.It was mentioned, however, that the IOC and the IOC Athletes’ Commission fully support athletes’ freedom of speech, allowing them to express their views at the Olympic Games during press conferences and interviews, at team meetings and on digital or traditional media.In the wake of recent protests in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement, various rights groups have urged the IOC to amend its Rule 50, which prohibits political, racial, and religious propaganda by Olympic competitors. Follow RT on

Athletes competing at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing will be banned from protesting at the podium and on the playing field “to avoid the risk of politicization” of the events and protect athletes from “external pressure.”

The decision was made after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) consulted with the Athletes’ Commission, which conducted a poll involving over 3,500 future Olympic participants, representing more than 185 countries.READ MORE: ‘We are NOT thinking about canceling’: Head of Tokyo Olympics vows Games WILL go ahead as plannedMore than two-thirds of the athletes who took part in the poll said, “it is not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views on the field of play (70% of respondents), at official ceremonies (70% of respondents) or on the podium (67% of respondents).”By prohibiting podium protests, the IOC said it wants to “avoid the risk of politicization of the athletes and the risk that athletes may be put under external pressure.”The Olympic governing body also stressed it wants to guard future competitors from “potential consequences of being placed in a position where they may be forced to take a public position on a particular domestic or international issue, regardless of their beliefs.”We asked.

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Furious Man Utd fans ‘blockade’ training ground, demand to speak to Solskjaer over Super League fiasco and want Glazers out

Buildings were secure and the group has now left the site,” it ran.🚨 JUST IN: Manchester United fans are protesting against the Glazers and have blocked both entrances to Carrington, United's training ground #mufc#mujournal [@RedIssue]— United Journal (@theutdjournal) April 22, 2021Brandishing banners containing messages such as “51% MUFC”, in a nod to the fan-friendly ownership model seen in the Bundesliga, plus “Glazers Out” and “We decide when you play”, the group were reportedly told at first that Solskjaer would not come out to see them as they were “intimidating”.Gaining his courage eventually, however, the Norwegian addressed the mob alongside coaches and club legends Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher plus midfielder Nemanja Matic.Fanzine Red Issue claim that Solksjaer was accused of not speaking out despite having opposed the Glazers’ takeover in 2005, to which he reportedly replied “Joel loves the club,” in reference to the main family member pushing for the ESL switch.  The angry men allegedly fired back that the controversial figure “only loves the money he takes out the club” and scoffed at Solskjaer that they “didn’t need a history lesson from him”, while Glazer himself was forced to address the furor yesterday in an attempt to clear the air.We have 10+ people who were genuinely present able to testify our quote was exactly what was said, yet some anonymous bellend (who had to retweet our thread about the protest occurring) claims it wasn't said 🤔— Red Issue (@RedIssue) April 22, 2021Apologizing “unreservedly” for his tone-deaf mishap, Glazer acknowledged that he “failed to show enough respect for [football’s] deep-rooted traditions” while now “personally committed to rebuilding trust with our fans”.”Over the past few days, we have all witnessed the great passion which football generates, and the deep loyalty our fans have for this great club,” his letter to supporters read.”You made very clear your opposition to the European Super League, and we have listened. The manager and others spoke to them. Follow RT on

Manchester United fans held a protest against plans to join the Super League and the team’s owners at the club’s training ground on Thursday morning, and were involved in a brief exchange with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Red Devils were one of 12 founding outfits that signed up to the failed breakaway competition, and even though they pulled out alongside five Premier League rivals on Monday, supporters still wished to have their voices heard and make calls for wider changes at Old Trafford.Blocking the entrance to the complex, their anger was aimed at the club’s ruling American billionaire family the Glazers, and it was only when the manager, two of his coaches, and a member of the first team squad addressed them that they considered leaving – as confirmed by a club statement.”At approximately 9am this morning a group gained access to the club training ground. We got it wrong, and we want to show that we can put things right.Backed out of the Super League: ✅Woodward resigns: ✅Manchester United fans today:— B/R Football (@brfootball) April 20, 2021″Although the wounds are raw and I understand that it will take time for the scars to heal, I am personally committed to rebuilding trust with our fans and learning from the message you delivered with such conviction,” Glazer concluded.But while chairman Ed Woodward has already stepped down, the majority of the United faithful wish to see more heads roll and get back their club. 

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‘Love him or hate him’: UFC loudmouth Covington next in line for title shot after Usman vs Masvidal II, says Dana White

Usman and Masvidal will run it back in front of a capacity crowd at the VyStar Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, at the top of a stacked card at UFC 261 on Saturday night. Also on
‘Ain’t sh*t changed’: Masvidal gorges on pre-fight McDonald’s as he prepares for pivotal Usman rematch (VIDEO)

Usman, 33, will be making the fourth defense of the title he claimed by defeating Woodley in March 2019.With his victory over Burns, the Nigerian-born star surpassed welterweight legend Georges St-Pierre’s record of consecutive UFC wins in the division, moving on to 13 straight successes.While many – including White – have tipped Usman for potential GOAT status, underdog Masvidal would undoubtedly be a massively popular world champion with fans.The Miami former backstreet brawler and inaugural ‘BMF’ will be fighting in a landmark 50th professional contest this weekend, and has provided some of the most iconic UFC moments in recent years. © Zuffa LLC According to White, the 33-year-old American is likely to be next in line for the man who emerges victorious on Saturday night in Florida.“The division is stacked with killers right now,” White said on TSN.“Covington, love him or hate him, or whatever your deal is with him, is one of the best fighters in the world.“That fight [with Usman] was incredible, both guys had to dig deep in that fight, it’s one of the best fights I’ve ever seen, ever.”
Usman stopped Covington at UFC 245 in December 2019. Usman is the undisputed welterweight king. © USA Today Sports That extended Usman’s unbeaten streak to 17 – a run which includes a fifth-round stoppage win against Covington in December of 2019, marking a brutal end to a contest surrounded by the toxic rhetoric typical of many of Covington’s outings to the Octagon.Covington has since defeated former welterweight king Tyron Woodley in September of last year, and has been clamoring for another shot at Usman.   
Colby Covington defeated former division king Tyron Woodley in his last fight. Follow RT on

American motormouth Colby Covington will get another crack at welterweight gold and could face the winner of the Kamaru Usman versus Jorge Masvidal rematch this weekend, according to UFC boss Dana White. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Jorge Masvidal (@gamebredfighter)Like Usman, he also has bad blood with Covington stemming from the pair’s days as former training partners.Covington has dubbed Masvidal ‘Street Judas’ in a play on one of his fighting monikers, while the Miami star has never shirked from the opportunity to express his disdain for the brash Californian.Should Masvidal pull off an upset against Usman to level the scores at 1-1, there would likely calls for the pair to meet in a trilogy fight – meaning Covington would have to wait a little longer before getting the chance to contest UFC gold. 

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‘Revolting’: UFC siren Polyana Viana slams Colby Covington for crass sexual comments So we’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks.” View this post on InstagramA post shared by colbycovington (@colbycovmma)White, however, contradicted that suggestion by confirming there would be no official stand-in for the welterweight title contest. Turning his attentions to Usman and Masvidal, the UFC chief said that Saturday night could settle the rivalry once and for all – especially after the lingering notion that ‘Gamebred’ did not come into their previous contest on a level playing field.“Let’s give him this fight and we can do away with all the excuses,” said White. View this post on InstagramA post shared by ufc (@ufc)This time, Miami fan favorite Masvidal will have the benefit of a full camp heading into the contest, having last faced Usman in Abu Dhabi in July at just six days’ notice.On that occasion, Usman outmuscled his rival to pick up a dominant unanimous decision victory, with ‘the Nigerian Nightmare’ since defending his 170lbs title against Brazilian contender Gilbert Burns. © USA Today Sports When asked if Covington would need to fight again to set up a shot at Usman or Masvidal, White replied: “Who knows, anything could happen… but that should be the fight that happens next.”Covington has suggested he will show up in Florida this weekend as ‘back-up’, should either of Usman or Masvidal be forced out. So if anybody pulls out, I’ll be stepping in and we’ll evaluate from there,” Covington said.“I just want to put on good fights and capitalize on my prime of my career, which is what I’m in.  “I’ll be there.

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‘Covering his pretty face’: Ronaldo panned for efforts in wall after he DUCKS to avoid ball as Juve concede free-kick goal (VIDEO)


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The battle is won but not the war – football fans must fight on against the gall and greed among the game’s elite 😂🤣😂😂— Xaviniesta🇺🇸 (@BarcaGameDay) March 9, 2021did the same against porto, juve's fault for persisting with him in walls at this point— Slimon (@Simonj63) April 21, 2021Ronaldo’s legion of fans also mobilized in his defense, however, claiming there was an ‘agenda’ against their man.Others pointed out that Ronaldo’s perennial rival Messi doesn’t usually even line up in the wall due to his size.So what's bad here?Messi can't even make a wall because of his height. Agnelli watched from the stands on Wednesday. 😅— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) April 21, 2021Instead of jumping up in unison with his teammates to attempt to block the strike, Ronaldo remained grounded, covering his face with both arms and meekly dangling out a leg in front of him.He then turned to watch the ball fly into the bottom corner before trudging off back to the center circle.Did Cristiano Ronaldo duck in the wall for Parma's goal vs Juventus? © Reuters Agnelli conceded defeat in the breakaway project earlier on Wednesday, admitting that it could not proceed after a host of teams pulled out amid the backlash, including six English participants.”I remain convinced of the beauty of that project, of the value that it would have developed to the pyramid, of the creation of the best competition in the world,” Agnelli said. I don’t think that project is now still up and running.” Elsewhere, Real Madrid president and Super League chairman Florentino Perez has said the project is “on standby” as he attempts to limit the fall-out from the ill-fated project which died less than three days after its controversial launch on Sunday. 😳— Goal (@goal) April 21, 2021The moment was seized upon with glee on social media, with many joking that Ronaldo was more worried about protecting his Hollywood looks rather than carrying out his defensive duties.”I’m being serious is this man scared of the ball?” chided one Lionel Messi fan. “Scared of hurting his pretty face,” replied another. I’m being serious is this man scared of the ball?— Messi 🐐🇦🇷 (@Marlon73592112) April 21, 2021Sacred of hurting his pretty face— St3ve_Oh (@StevenAnthony9) April 21, 2021He isn't called Portuguese Angelina Jolie for no reason…man was thinking of keeping that face spotless for girls to admire rather than sacrifice everything for the game…and he can't even jump…I tot they said he could jump to space n back😂…Clownado!🤡🥴— Apt! Reggie Brown (@ReggBrown25) April 21, 2021Ronaldo's world class wall.     Ronaldo endured a frustrating night though, failing to add to his tally of 25 Serie A goals for the season and picking up a late yellow card for what looked like dissent.Asked about whether Ronaldo should remain in the wall after his latest mistake, Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo said: “Unfortunately, these things happen, but we’ll evaluate it over the next few days.”
Pirlo said Juventus would assess Ronaldo’s role in the wall after the incident against Parma. “But evidently no [it cannot proceed]. Inter are now 10 points clear of local rivals AC Milan, who are on 66 points and went down to a damaging 2-1 home defeat to Sassuolo at the San Siro on Wednesday night.Watching Juve from the stands on Wednesday was club president Andrea Agnelli, one of the key figures behind the doomed European Super League which has dominated the headlines in recent days. The ball goes through his legs and goes into the net for 10-men Porto's winning goal. Juventus found themselves behind after 25 minutes of their Serie A encounter with visitors Parma on Wednesday night, after a free-kick strike from the edge of the box by Uruguayan midfielder Gaston Brugman.It was a side-footed finish into the bottom corner which left Juve ‘keeper Gianluigi Buffon rooted to the spot, but questions were immediately asked about Ronaldo’s defensive posture in the wall as the ball whizzed over his head.Cristiano Ronaldo in the wall… © Reuters The win for the bianconeri keeps them in contention for a top-four finish as they moved into third spot, one point ahead of Atalanta in fourth and five ahead of Napoli in fifth, although both teams have a game in hand on the Turin giants.At the top of the Serie A standings, Inter Milan edged closer to ending Juve’s nine-year reign as Italian champions as Antonio Conte’s men earned a 1-1 draw at Spezia. Follow RT on

Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of caring more about preserving his good looks than defending the Juventus goal as the Portuguese star made a feeble attempt to block the ball as he lined up in the wall against Parma. It would be easy goals for the opposition once they have a free kick— 阿克波姆·亚伯拉罕先生🤴❄ (@leo_akpomemike) April 21, 2021Thankfully Ronaldo’s blushes were spared on Wednesday as Juventus came back to win 3-1 after a double from Alex Sandro and a header from Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt. (@apt_11x) April 21, 2021Ronaldo typically has no trouble using his head at the other end of the pitch, but some observers noted that it wasn’t the first time Ronaldo has been culpable in defensive situations, with a similar occasion coming in Juve’s Champions League second leg against Porto.On that occasion, the ball had gone through Ronaldo’s legs and into the corner as Juve were dumped out on away goals in the tie.In the span of 40 days— D.

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Liberals want NFL icon Favre ‘handcuffed & knelt on’ after he says Derek Chauvin didn’t mean to kill George Floyd

I just feel like there’s a better way to unify our country.”

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NFL legend Favre draws fire from liberals after daring to suggest sport was wrong to go woke I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but the man had thrown in the towel… It was just uncalled for.”Favre added: “I didn’t watch the day-to-day, ins and outs of the trial. But I’m really not surprised at the outcome, fair or not. Brett Favre had more of an issue when Colin Kaepernick took a knee on the field, than when Derek Chauvin took a knee on George Floyd. Got it.— Jake Lobin (@JakeLobin) April 21, 2021We need 4 police to handcuff Brett Favre, pin him to the ground, and put their knees on him for 9 minutes to see how well he handles it.— Rahul Sood 🦄🐴 (@rahulsood) April 21, 2021But some defended the NFL Hall-of-Famer as merely repeating what state prosecutors had argued in the case, with OAN journalist Jack Posobiec tweeting: “Brett Favre said the exact same thing about Derek Chauvin the state prosecutors said.”Brett Favre said the exact same thing about Derek Chauvin the state prosecutors said— Peace Promoter Poso (@JackPosobiec) April 22, 2021Favre is likely used to taking heat from the left, having recently been panned for daring to suggest that sport was wrong to veer so wildly towards the ‘woke’ end of the spectrum.The 51-year-old addressed claims of hypocrisy after he called for politics to be kept out of sport, maintaining: “I just gave my opinion. I’m for unity. I’m certainly not a racist, despite what people think. Got it,” came another reply from a liberal.“We need 4 police to handcuff Brett Favre, pin him to the ground, and put their knees on him for 9 minutes to see how well he handles it,” screamed another.So… © USA Today Sports “I don’t care what color the person is on the street. But he deserved something. Favre is a frequent target of liberal ire. Follow RT on

Brett Favre has found himself on the end of more liberal fury after the NFL icon asserted it was “hard to believe” that US cop Derek Chauvin “intentionally meant to kill George Floyd.”

Chauvin, 45, was convicted of killing Floyd in Minneapolis last May after a jury found him guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter on Tuesday.Weighing in on the verdict, Green Bay Packers hero Favre said: “I find it hard to believe, and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way, I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd.“That being said, his actions were uncalled for,” the Super Bowl winner added on his Bolling with Favre podcast. I don’t know, but [Chauvin] was absolutely wrong.”  

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‘I can breathe’: NFL team blasted for politically-fueled George Floyd post as owner defends ‘powerful statement’ on social justice

Chauvin, who is facing up to 40 years behind bars, had kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes in the incident, which sparked mass outrage and protest across the US.Favre’s comments predictably drew heavy fire on social media.“The jury thought otherwise, so f*ck what Brett Favre thinks,” fumed one response.“So… What? Brett Favre had more of an issue when Colin Kaepernick took a knee on the field, than when Derek Chauvin took a knee on George Floyd.

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‘He sounds unhinged’: Real Madrid boss Perez says Super League ISN’T dead in ‘bizarre’ interview suggesting conspiracy killed plan

How can you say they haven't earned it?"— SPORTbible (@sportbible) April 21, 2021Then questioned why members of his club, where he has just won a third election unchallenged, weren’t consulted on his decision, Perez went into defensive mode. “Do I have to ask them which players to sign as well?” he scoffed.”If we tell Real Madrid fans we’ll play against one of the Manchester teams or Barcelona each week, do you think they’d say ‘no’?”Do you not think they’d like – everything else staying the same – to play big teams instead of these matches that aren’t interesting until the quarter-finals?”There are some matches that I struggle to watch,” he admitted.The Super League in Florentino Perez's words:— B/R Football (@brfootball) April 21, 2021Confessing that he had been made “sad and disappointed,” Perez branded the Champions League “obsolete” and expressed shock towards widespread backlash that followed Sunday’s announcement.”We’ve been working on this project for three years,” he revealed, “[But] I’ve never seen so much aggression, it’s as if it were orchestrated, it surprised us all.””I’ve been in football for 20 years, it’s an aggression I’ve never seen in my life. They have the biggest social media followings and the most fans,” he argued.Florentino Perez: "People say this isn't about football merit, but it's wrong. And now he sounds unhinged, which is so unlike him. Less so if you think it's a good idea to break away from 150 years of football tradition & make him leader of your new cult— Layth (@laythy29) April 22, 2021″The most bizarre thing is that Florentino generally rarely speaks,” someone else pointed out.”And now he sounds unhinged, which is so unlike him. Like an elderly relative who spouts batshit crazy nonsense every time he opens his mouth. It was like we let off an atomic bomb. It's a sign of a man who's completely unwilling and unable to accept reality, and accept defeat— Rahul Kalvapalle (@Kalvapalle) April 22, 2021With one last pearler still left in him, Perez, who has reportedly just offered David Alaba a five-year, $556,000 a week contract, was adamant that big signings such as Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland “won’t exist without the Super League”.”Not for Madrid or anyone. Perhaps we haven’t presented and explained it well, but they haven’t given us the opportunity either.”

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Roman Abramovich ‘pulling Chelsea out of European Super League’ as protests stun viewers ahead of Premier League match (VIDEO)

“Chelsea fans? There were 40 people outside Stamford Bridge… Football is a world of values,” he stated.Florentino Perez to El Larguero: “It's impossible to make signings like Mbappé and Haaland – in general, not for Real Madrid – without the #SuperLeague”. Follow RT on

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez returned to Spanish airwaves last night to give another bizarre interview in which he claimed the Super League isn’t dead before going into conspiracy mode. It’s a sign of a man who’s completely unwilling and unable to accept reality, and accept defeat.” Most people involved are directors who know this world,” he added.When probed on why a select group should have the right to establish such a closed tournament, Perez said: “These teams have earned this.””These are the teams that over the last 20 years have earned this. It’s clear in the contract that you can’t leave. 🚨⚪️— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) April 21, 2021Sid, the most bizarre thing is that Florentino generally rare speaks. 🚨— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) April 21, 2021″I don’t think [the other clubs] have left yet. It’s impossible if the money doesn’t flow.”Called everything from a “clown” to a “lunatic” by social media onlookers, Perez was also compared to “an elderly relative who spouts batsh*t crazy nonsense every time he opens his mouth”.”Which is fine as a figure of harmless parody,” it was continued.”Less so if you think it’s a good idea to break away from 150 years of football tradition and make him leader of your new cult.”Florentino Perez eh? Those 15 clubs earned it on the pitch, they've been winning trophies for the last 20 years. and if you want, I will tell you who took them there.”—Florentino Perez on Tuesday's protests at Stamford Bridge— B/R Football (@brfootball) April 21, 2021″There were 40 [Chelsea supporters] and I can tell you who put them there,” Perez ranted on, of a fan protest outside Stamford Bridge hours before the west London club pulled out.”[It’s] the same person who gave Cadiz [anti-Super League] t-shirts,” Perez alleged, in a nod to La Liga head and often nemesis Javier Tebas.”That isn’t normal. Which is fine as a figure of harmless parody. We’ve had threats, it’s like we killed someone, killed football.”Trailing off into conspiracy mode, it seems Perez lays the blame at one of the six Premier League outfits that had cold feet for causing a domino effect. “Someone in the English group didn’t have a lot of interest, and that became contagious,” said Perez.”One of them was never convinced…[The English clubs] left because of the atmosphere. This time appearing on the radio and the El Larguero program, Perez denied that the breakaway competition, which has just four of its founding 12 members left, is finished. “If anyone thinks the Super League is dead, are they wrong? UEFA put on a show. All 12 founder clubs signed the same contract”. The Super League still exists,” Perez insisted.Florentino Perez: “The #SuperLeague is not dead, it’s on stand-by and we’ll work on the project. Absolutely,” he balked.”We’re going to keep working and what everyone thinks is for the best will emerge.”The project is on standby.

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