How can you say they haven't earned it?"— SPORTbible (@sportbible) April 21, 2021Then questioned why members of his club, where he has just won a third election unchallenged, weren’t consulted on his decision, Perez went into defensive mode. “Do I have to ask them which players to sign as well?” he scoffed.”If we tell Real Madrid fans we’ll play against one of the Manchester teams or Barcelona each week, do you think they’d say ‘no’?”Do you not think they’d like – everything else staying the same – to play big teams instead of these matches that aren’t interesting until the quarter-finals?”There are some matches that I struggle to watch,” he admitted.The Super League in Florentino Perez's words:— B/R Football (@brfootball) April 21, 2021Confessing that he had been made “sad and disappointed,” Perez branded the Champions League “obsolete” and expressed shock towards widespread backlash that followed Sunday’s announcement.”We’ve been working on this project for three years,” he revealed, “[But] I’ve never seen so much aggression, it’s as if it were orchestrated, it surprised us all.””I’ve been in football for 20 years, it’s an aggression I’ve never seen in my life. They have the biggest social media followings and the most fans,” he argued.Florentino Perez: "People say this isn't about football merit, but it's wrong. And now he sounds unhinged, which is so unlike him. Less so if you think it's a good idea to break away from 150 years of football tradition & make him leader of your new cult— Layth (@laythy29) April 22, 2021″The most bizarre thing is that Florentino generally rarely speaks,” someone else pointed out.”And now he sounds unhinged, which is so unlike him. Like an elderly relative who spouts batshit crazy nonsense every time he opens his mouth. It was like we let off an atomic bomb. It's a sign of a man who's completely unwilling and unable to accept reality, and accept defeat— Rahul Kalvapalle (@Kalvapalle) April 22, 2021With one last pearler still left in him, Perez, who has reportedly just offered David Alaba a five-year, $556,000 a week contract, was adamant that big signings such as Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland “won’t exist without the Super League”.”Not for Madrid or anyone. Perhaps we haven’t presented and explained it well, but they haven’t given us the opportunity either.”

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“Chelsea fans? There were 40 people outside Stamford Bridge… Football is a world of values,” he stated.Florentino Perez to El Larguero: “It's impossible to make signings like Mbappé and Haaland – in general, not for Real Madrid – without the #SuperLeague”. Follow RT on

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez returned to Spanish airwaves last night to give another bizarre interview in which he claimed the Super League isn’t dead before going into conspiracy mode. It’s a sign of a man who’s completely unwilling and unable to accept reality, and accept defeat.” Most people involved are directors who know this world,” he added.When probed on why a select group should have the right to establish such a closed tournament, Perez said: “These teams have earned this.””These are the teams that over the last 20 years have earned this. It’s clear in the contract that you can’t leave. 🚨⚪️— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) April 21, 2021Sid, the most bizarre thing is that Florentino generally rare speaks. 🚨— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) April 21, 2021″I don’t think [the other clubs] have left yet. It’s impossible if the money doesn’t flow.”Called everything from a “clown” to a “lunatic” by social media onlookers, Perez was also compared to “an elderly relative who spouts batsh*t crazy nonsense every time he opens his mouth”.”Which is fine as a figure of harmless parody,” it was continued.”Less so if you think it’s a good idea to break away from 150 years of football tradition and make him leader of your new cult.”Florentino Perez eh? Those 15 clubs earned it on the pitch, they've been winning trophies for the last 20 years. and if you want, I will tell you who took them there.”—Florentino Perez on Tuesday's protests at Stamford Bridge— B/R Football (@brfootball) April 21, 2021″There were 40 [Chelsea supporters] and I can tell you who put them there,” Perez ranted on, of a fan protest outside Stamford Bridge hours before the west London club pulled out.”[It’s] the same person who gave Cadiz [anti-Super League] t-shirts,” Perez alleged, in a nod to La Liga head and often nemesis Javier Tebas.”That isn’t normal. Which is fine as a figure of harmless parody. We’ve had threats, it’s like we killed someone, killed football.”Trailing off into conspiracy mode, it seems Perez lays the blame at one of the six Premier League outfits that had cold feet for causing a domino effect. “Someone in the English group didn’t have a lot of interest, and that became contagious,” said Perez.”One of them was never convinced…[The English clubs] left because of the atmosphere. This time appearing on the radio and the El Larguero program, Perez denied that the breakaway competition, which has just four of its founding 12 members left, is finished. “If anyone thinks the Super League is dead, are they wrong? UEFA put on a show. All 12 founder clubs signed the same contract”. The Super League still exists,” Perez insisted.Florentino Perez: “The #SuperLeague is not dead, it’s on stand-by and we’ll work on the project. Absolutely,” he balked.”We’re going to keep working and what everyone thinks is for the best will emerge.”The project is on standby.