pic.twitter.com/tXQCRCxu4X— Jonathan Feliciano (@MongoFeliciano) December 22, 2021″I am feeling fine with mild symptoms. Hopefully it can stay like this.”Feliciano also retweeted a post by Detroit Lions player Nick Williams claiming that vaccine manufacturer Pfizer is buying a cardiovascular biopharma company, which he called an “interesting” development.Around 96 percent of NFL stars are thought to have opted to be vaccinated. U can still get Covid while vaxxed— Jonathan Feliciano (@MongoFeliciano) December 21, 2021″Just to be clear, Covid is not keeping me out of this game – the rules are,” Beasley said, appearing to voice his frustration at rules that compel unvaccinated players to be tested.”Vaxxed players are playing with Covid every week now because they don’t test.”One of my vaxxed teammates is in the hospital missing games. The vax doesn’t stop you from getting Covid u big dummy— Jonathan Feliciano (@MongoFeliciano) December 21, 2021Me after getting the monoclonal antibodies today!! Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley will miss a potentially crunch clash with the New England Patriots on Sunday after being ruled out for ten days following a positive Covid test.Unvaccinated Beasley has been one of the NFL’s most outspoken vaccine skeptics, repeatedly speaking out to his vast media following in opposition to forced treatment against Covid.That is in spite of a jump in Covid cases in the US and a claim by Dr Anthony Fauci, the boss of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and president Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, claiming that unvaccinated individuals account for 97 percent of Covid hospitalizations and deaths in Beasley’s homeland.View this post on InstagramA post shared by Cole Beasley (@bease11)All u dummies that keep @ me about Covid, I’m VAXXED and ended up in er Sunday morning. Thank you for the support. Follow RT on

An NFL vaccine rebel who has contracted Covid has warned that there is no hope for people who “don’t get what’s happening” and warned that jabbed players are featuring on teams every week. League bosses and the NFL Players Association are continuing to implore players to take vaccines and boosters. I look forward to being back out there with my teammates soon.”Beasley is widely reported to have likely been talking about Jon Feliciano, his colleague who revealed he had been hospitalized by the virus at the weekend despite being vaccinated.”All you dummies that keep [contacting] me about Covid – I’m vaxxed and ended up in ER on Sunday morning,” said Feliciano. I’m sure he didn’t get this same energy.”Thank you for those who support. You can still get Covid while vaxxed.”Calling one pro-vaccine correspondent a “sheep”, Feliciano added: “The vax doesn’t stop you from getting Covid, you big dummy.”earlier today i went in and got the monoclonal antibodies took about an hour and a half went back to hotel, take a nap cause I felt exhausted, woke up feeling pretty good hopefully it can stay like this!!— Jonathan Feliciano (@MongoFeliciano) December 21, 2021Pfizer is buying a Cardiovascular Biopharma Company 🧐 Interesting— Nicholas Williams (@NickWilliams_98) December 21, 2021Feliciano then updated fans by saying: “Earlier today, I went in and got the monoclonal antibodies.”It took about an hour and a half. Everyone else: if you don’t get what’s happening, then there is nothing anybody can do for you.Hey sheep I mean sal. I went back to my hotel, took a nap because I felt exhausted and woke up feeling pretty good.